EVNNPT invests in upgrading the project, releasing renewable energy capacity

Although the economy has returned to the “new normal”, the hot season is also approaching, leading to an increase in electricity consumption demand. However, wind power plants in provinces such as Bac Lieu, Long An, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Binh Duong… still have the situation of cutting output capacity by 10-20%, causing waste of social resources. In order to know more about the plan and transmission capacity of the entire power system in 2022, the Business Forum had an interview with Mr. Pham Le Phu – General Director of the National Power Transmission Corporation around this issue.

– Dear Sir, in order to improve the quality of transmission, to help release the generating capacity in some provinces with excess power from renewable energy projects, the National Power Transmission Corporation will implement the following plans in 2022?

To release the capacity of renewable energy sources, which have developed rapidly in the past and in the coming time, the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) has set out a plan and is focusing on implementing grid investment projects to transmission service to release the capacity of renewable energy (RE) sources in the South Central, Tay Nguyen and Southwest provinces (are the areas where renewable energy resources are strongly developed).

For the South Central region and Tay Nguyen, in 2022 EVNNPT will complete projects in service of releasing the capacity of renewable energy sources in the area; increase the capacity of 500kV Pleiku 2 and Dak Nong substations (up to now, it has been completed to increase the capacity of 01 transformer at each station from 450 MVA to 900 MVA and will complete the increase of the remaining transformer capacity of these substations in the end of 2022); Next is the 220kV Cam Ranh substation, and the 220kV Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon, Ninh Phuoc – Thuan Nam, Doc Soi – Quang Ngai, Krong Buk – Nha Trang, Nha Trang – Thap Cham lines…

For the Southwest region, EVNNPT is focusing on implementing projects serving the release of wind power sources in the area such as Nam Can, Vinh Chau, Duyen Hai 220kV substations and connection lines to complete the target. spending in 2022.

At the same time this year, EVNNPT has also made a plan and is focusing on directing to speed up the investment preparation work to soon start, construct and put into operation projects in service of capacity release of RE sources which have plan to be put into operation in the next years include projects: Quang Tri 500kV substation, Krong Buk and connecting lines; 500kV Thuan Nam – Chon Thanh transmission line; 220kV lines: Tuy Hoa – Quy Nhon, Tuy Hoa – Phuoc An, Da Nhim – Duc Trong Di Linh; 220kV substations: An Khe, Hoa Binh, Ben Cat 2…

Thus, the upgraded transmission grid projects in the above localities will be completed in 2022 and in the coming time will contribute to releasing capacity and promoting the efficiency of renewable energy sources in 2022 and other projects in next year.

Mr. Pham Le Phu – General Director of National Transmission Corporation inspects Van Phong 500kV substation project
(the most outside in right)

– In addition to upgrading projects and adding lines, how has EVNNPT applied digital transformation to management, sir?

The Corporation has developed, promulgated the process and implemented the digitization of repair and maintenance work for transformers and circuit breakers. Along with using PMIS software, EVNNPT has deployed 5 main software systems to serve the management and operation of the power grid such as; Substation management system by intelligent equipment, Experimental management system, Safety management system, Major repair management system..

Equipped with servers and AI platform software for the system, and directed power transmission companies to build databases for image analysis deployment, in order to further improve the accuracy of AI systems in identifying 20 devices on the line. Perform labeling of over 33.029 images with over 60.233 labels assigned to 20 device objects.

In addition, we also carry out pilot installation of surveillance cameras and AI integration testing on power transmission line surveillance camera systems, deploying digitalization of 220kV-500kV current grid maps and automatic AI applications. Analyze and alert images collected from thermal cameras at substations. Up to now, the corporation has completed the conversion of 109 remote control substations. EVNNPT has successfully deployed digital substation at 220kV Thuy Nguyen Substation – Hai Phong, this is the first digital substation in Vietnam.

– It is known that EVNNPT is the investor of power grid projects, synchronous connection of the 500kV Van Phong Substation Project; The 500kV transmission line project connecting the Thuan Nam 500kV substation to the 500kV Van Phong – Vinh Tan transmission line will be handed over in December 2022. What solutions will EVNNPT take to complete the project on schedule, sir?

This is a key and urgent project that needs to be completed and energized in December 2022 to release the capacity of Van Phong 1 BOT thermal power plant and renewable energy sources in the region. With a very large volume of work, the construction terrain stretches over many localities, requiring EVNNPT and construction contractors to maximize resources and have appropriate solutions to ensure the progress of this project.

Regarding the work of compensation for site clearance, it is always a big obstacle and challenge when implementing power transmission projects, especially for projects going through many provinces, the risk of delay due to the work of compensation for site clearance is very high. Having identified the difficulties in advance, from the project implementation, EVNNPT has worked with the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and related units to work directly with the localities where the project has passed (Khanh Hoa Province, Ninh Thuan Province) to exchange information, find solutions to overcome difficulties and obstacles to soon complete this work.

Up to now, with the attention and facilitation of localities and the close direction of the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the National Steering Committee for electricity development, EVN and the efforts of the unit The project manager should basically meet the proposed schedule of site clearance work. Some difficulties in clearing the corridor will be solved by EVNNPT in coordination with localities in the coming time, the goal is not to let the land clearance work slow down the project progress.

– So how does the construction progress do, sir?

EVNNPT has urgently approved the total schedule for each component project right after the commencement to serve as the operating basis. In operating, for each specific project, EVNNPT assigns the Central Power Projects Management Board (CPMB), the unit assigned to manage and operate the project, to strictly control the progress milestones to operating and providing solutions to warn, compensate for progress in case the implementation progress is slow. EVNNPT also directed CPMB to establish a Project Management Board, staff of the Executive Board are regularly present at the site to control the progress and quality of the project and coordinate with design and consulting units, supervision consultants, construction contractors immediately handle problems within their authorized competence, promptly report to EVNNPT to take measures to remove them to both ensure progress and comply with current regulations.

In addition, EVNNPT has also regularly coordinated with media agencies from central to local levels to publish information about the project in order to promptly reflect difficulties and problems that need to be resolved. EVN, EVNNPT also held an emulation launching ceremony to promote the highest spirit of project participants, visit and encourage workers on the construction site to overcome difficulties, try to complete the milestones schedule of the projects for energizing the project in December 2022.

Source: diendandoanhnghiep.vn